Frequently Asked Question

How does the recruitment process work?
It varies a bit depending on the role you’re applying for, but the beginning point is always to apply for a role on this site. We’ll review your application and if we like what we read, we’ll get in touch to organise a telephone interview or a work assessment (e.g. if you’re a budding Picasso we may ask you to design some artwork for a game). We’ll then invite you to a second interview, possibly over the phone again or maybe face-to-face. It’s a chance for you to find out as much about us as we find out about you. Assuming you’re impressed with us and vice-versa, you may have a couple more interviews before we make a decision, and then, hopefully, make you an offer you can’t refuse.
What opportunities are there for students?
Plenty. We regularly take on students for work experience and internships – or Kingternships, as we call them. We love a good pun, you see. See our student site for more details.
Do I need to be fluent in English?
Absolutely. English is the language we all work in at King, so you’ll need to be able to speak it confidently and write it well. If you can sing it well too, we might ask you to organise a karaoke event.
Do you accept international applications?
Of course. There are people from over 60 countries at King. And if you need advice on relocation, all you need to do is speak to one of our magical recruiters.
What should I include in my application?
Just your CV and contact details. Plus your portfolio if you’re applying for a role where you think we’d need to see it. If we need anything else, we’ll let you know.

Please do not bring or send anything to King that is proprietary to a third party and/or has not been made publicly available (including code, artwork, ideas etc), is in beta, is a trade secret or is otherwise commercially-sensitive information of another company.
Will my information be kept confidential?
Completely. We follow all the rules when it comes to dealing with personal details and sensitive data, and train all our recruiters and hiring managers appropriately. Our promise to you is that nothing you send us will be seen by anyone who shouldn’t be seeing it. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

What should I do if I am having technical difficulties applying for a role via the website?
Firstly, please accept our apologies. The chances are our support superheroes are already on it, so if you come back later you should be able to apply.
How will I be contacted about my application?
You can track the progress of your application online via the application system. We try to speak to everyone, but due to the number of applications we receive, unfortunately that’s not always possible. You’ll definitely hear from us by email though.
What should I wear for the interview?
We care about what you say, not what we see. So throw on something that makes you feel comfortable. If that’s shorts and sandals, go with shorts and sandals.
How do I prepare for my interview?
As always, do your research. We’ll expect you to know our games well enough to have an informed opinion about them. It’s also worth having another read of the job description and preparing examples that show you have what it takes to meet the responsibilities of the role.
What if I need to change my interview date?
Just get in touch with your contact in the recruitment team and they will help you to reschedule.
Can I reapply for the same or other roles?
Yes of course. A simple tip is to make sure you can demonstrate that you have addressed whatever it was that caused your previous application to be unsuccessful.